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Women Stretching

Strength and Balance

This small group 45 minute long class is a Pilates-style class that also includes working on the specific areas of weakness of the participants, adjusting to suit their goals. The class utilises a range of exercises in standing, sitting and lying, and a variety of equipment including the Swiss Balls and the “Magic Circles”.


It focuses on slow, controlled movements, and awareness of breath and co-ordination. An initial assessment is necessary before attending the classes, so the physiotherapist is able to assess and set goals so the classes are individually tailored to what each client requires.

We have two classes per week at the following times:-

    Tuesday at 5pm

    Friday at 11am

These classes will be available face-to-face for double-dose vaccinated and medically exempt clienetele from Monday 25th October.


Why would this class be good for me?


If you are looking for a class that is individually tailored to your specific needs, with a significant focus on core strength and balance, and a physiotherapist monitoring your progress, this class is for you.

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