Newcastle Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Poo


Hydrotherapy is essentially physiotherapy in water.  Prescribed exercises are given to patients on an individual basis to best meet their needs and physical tolerance.  Hydrotherapy is particularly helpful for clients with reduced mobility, issues with weight bearing exercise and balance problems.  Most land based exercise can be reproduced with excellent results in the pool.  The warm water aids movement and flexibility, relaxes muscle spasm, increases range of motion and offers gentle resistance. Everyone can benefit from hydrotherapy no matter what your physical capacity or fitness level.

Patients with the following conditions and injuries will find hydrotherapy particularly helpful:-

•    Joint replacements and reconstructions
•    Stroke & neurological disorders
•    Multitrauma & brain injuries
•    Back & neck pain
•    Fractures & sprains
•    Balance & mobility problems
•    Obesity & diabetes
•    Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Our pool is 10 metres long and 6 metres wide. The depth varies from 1.05 metres in the shallow end to 1.40 metres at the deep end and is accessed by both stairs and a mechanical lifter.  We provide the appropriate aquatic exercise equipment and buoyancy aides for our clients use.  All patients are assessed before beginning a hydrotherapy program and shown the correct use of the equipment. Clients must be assessed by a physiotherapist to determine the level of assistance and supervision required for continued use of the hydrotherapy pool. Clients who are assessed as being able to independently enter and exit the pool and perform their exercises safely will be able to continue a physiotherapist prescribed program independently. It is the responsibility of the client to notify the physiotherapist if there are any changes to their mobility status or health condition(s). Clients that have experienced changes to either mobility status or health condition(s) require a re-assessment by a physiotherapist prior to accessing the hydrotherapy pool. Clients accessing the pool independently are required to have an annual physiotherapy assessment to ensure that there are nil changes to their health condition and to provide appropriate exercises relevant to their current health status and rehabilitation.

Independent pool costs are as follows:

Non-concession: $12

Concession: $10

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our facility observes number restrictions in the pool at all times. Clients who have been accessed as independent and provided with a prescribed exercise program are required to book a time to access the facility.

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No matter what your age, sex, fitness level or confidence in water, hydrotherapy can be beneficial to you.