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Back to Basics #1 : New to NAP? Read this!

Updated: May 12, 2019

Welcome to Newcastle Aquatic Physiotherapy! We are a passionate team of physiotherapists with decades of experience in different areas of interest, backed by our accommodating and friendly receptionists. You can meet our team here. In honour of our new website and blog, we’ve decided to put together an FAQ on NAP for our new and returning clients. We will continue this thread with a #BacktoBasics of some of our primary treatments here at NAP. 

Hydrotherapy class at Newcastle Aquatic.
Come and join our popular hydrotherapy class!

Before you get here:

If you have or are eligible for NDIS, we recommend that you bring your service plan in. This allows us to allocate hours for your #physiotherapy treatment through NDIS. 

If you have been referred by your doctor, we ask that you bring a copy or ask your doctor to fax through their referral and/or the Chronic Disease management plan. 

If you are receiving sessions as part of a work cover injury, please bring your claim number and insurer details so that we can set up a compensable physiotherapy plan.

Top tip: We understand that you may have seen your doctor or the hospital about your problem. If you have had any scans (x-ray/CT) or tests that might help us diagnose or treat your condition, we recommend that you bring them in or get your doctor to send us a copy. 

What do I wear?

As our practice includes a fantastic #hydrotherapy pool, we advise that you bring swimmers and a towel just in case.  Don’t fret if you forget your towel, we do have some spares around the practice and one of our friendly staff are happy to lend you one.

Depending on your area of pain or your problem, our physiotherapist may need to expose the area to check for heat, swelling or assess your movement. For this reason, we recommend that you wear some loose clothing to allow for this. We take utmost pride in patient comfort and will ensure privacy in one of our private rooms. If you do not have loose clothing, we have gowns and loose shorts available to borrow. 

I’ve been to NAP before, but it’s been a while:

We have been here from 2008, so we have seen many familiar faces over the years choose us again to update their management plan or to treat a new problem. If you’ve seen us in under a year for the same problem, you’ll likely require a half hour session.  If you haven’t seen us in a while, or are seeing us for a new injury, an hour will be needed to re-assess it. If you aren’t sure, one of our friendly receptionists will be sure to help you out.

I only want to use the pool for your group classes, how can I access it?

Here at NAP, we provide circuit-based #aquaaerobics classes directed by one of our physiotherapists. They are on hand in the pool to help with instructing the exercises and modifying them depending on your ability and condition. If you would like to access the pool for these classes only, one of our receptionists will provide you with a hydrotherapy checklist to fill out at the door. Our checklist is used to make sure that you are confident and independent in the pool, and identify any medical conditions that may require closer supervision in the pool.  Our timetable and prices for the aerobics classes are listed here.

If you have any further questions about the consultations, feel free to ask one of our staff when calling us on (02) 4955 0143. 

Thank you for choosing #NewcastleAquaticPhysiotherapy and we hope to see you soon.

What other information or FAQs would you like us to cover? Comment below.


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