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NAP Follow-Along Workout #2

Our physiotherapist Chloe is back with a second follow-along workout while our patrons are self-isolating.

We have broken down the workout into 4 short videos: 2 cardio-based sets and 2 strength-based sets. The cardio-based exercises are 30 seconds each with 2 rounds per workout. No equipment is necessary for the cardio workouts as all seated exercises can be performed in standing but we recommend a chair for stability if needed. For the strength based workouts we recommend a chair but weights are optional. The format we have recommended is:

  1. Cardio Video 1 (2 rounds plus warm-up ~6 mins total)

  2. Strength Video 1 (2 rounds ~ 4 mins total)

  3. Cardio Video 2 (2 rounds ~ 3 mins total)

  4. Strength Video 2 (2 rounds ~ 4 mins total)

Total workout ~18 mins

The videos are flexible and can be combined differently to add variety to your workout or to add to existing exercises as you feel comfortable.

To make sure our group can hear the instructions, we have opted to leave out music for this session. If you would like to do the workout with some music, put some of your favourite music on in the background while following along with our class. If you’d like some music for our next video feel free to let us know and we can put on a mix for our next session.

Our big reminder for every video is to go at your own pace! If you have any current or previous injuries and/or it is your first time starting exercises please check with your GP or health professional before beginning. If you experience any pain during the exercises, have a break or cease the workout. If any pain or discomfort persists please get in touch via email or call us to let us know so a physiotherapist can help you.

Cardio Video 1 (includes warm up)

Strength Video 1

Cardio Video 2

Strength Video 2

If you would like more workout ideas or have any feedback for our next video, get in touch via our comments, email or phone to let us know.


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