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Charlie Finlay-Jones

Charlie is the owner and Principal Physiotherapist of Newcastle Aquatic Physiotherapy.He graduated in Physiotherapy from Sydney University  in 1991. and worked in several Newcastle practices before opening  his own practise in 1994.
Charlie has post-graduate qualifications in Chinese Acupuncture and Hydrotherapy, but has a special interest in amputees, stroke and multi-trauma rehabilitation. Building our new complex has understandably been a career highlight, but “Darling” and the 3
children are his first love and passion.
Having been born with salt water in his veins, Charlie spends endless hours searching for the perfect wave all year round, but the Winter does see him leave the coast and head south for the ski fields and some snowboarding. Charlie does not do ball sports
and cannot catch.

Jason Carswell

Jason gained his degree in Exercise Science from Southern Cross University in 1990 before moving onto Physiotherapy.He graduated from Sydney University(Cumberland College) in 1994 and joined our Practice in 1995, whilst we were based at the Hunter Valley Private Hospital.Jason left us for a few years to travel abroad and then worked up and down the coast of NSW before settling back in Newcastle. We were very happy when he decided to come back to our Practice in 2010. Jason enjoys all aspects of Physiotherapy, but has a special interest in stroke rehabilitation.When he is not working, surfing is his passion and he has travelled extensively both here and overseas chasing the perfect wave. 

Lucia Chambers

Lucia graduated with a Physiotherapy degree (Honours Class I) from Sydney University in 1994. After working for several years in the public hospital system, she joined Newcastle Aquatic Physiotherapy in 2000. She currently works with us on a part-time basis, while teaching part-time into the undergraduate Physiotherapy degree at Newcastle University. Lucia has a special interest in managing orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and sports injuries. She is currently enrolled in a Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and hoping to complete this during 2019.

Sarah Colston

Sarah completed Physiotherapy at Sydney University in 2003. She initially worked in the public hospital system throughout the Hunter, before doing Community-Based rehabilitation in Katherine, NT. She travelled to the UK, and worked in the community and hospitals, before returning to Australia and worked extensively within Aged Care facilities throughout Sydney.  In 2012, Sarah joined our team, bringing with her significant experience in Chronic Pain, Aged Care, Dry Needling and Hydrotherapy. She is a certified Tai Chi and Clinical Pilates instructor, and currently runs our Water Tai Chi, Strength and Balance, and some Aquacise classes.

Sarah is currently available for online consultations. If you would like to book an appointment, please text Sarah on

0432 272 933 with your name or email her on

Stuart Lyne

Stuart graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2014 with B. Physiotherapy. Since graduating Stuart has worked solely in private practice and first started at NAP in 2016 before travelling to Canada for 18 months.


Stuart has a keen interest in human biomechanics, posture and functional training. Whilst abroad he became a qualified Functional Patterns Human Foundations instructor. Within physiotherapy he has a large focus on treating the body as a whole unit, using myo-fascial release work and corrective strength exercises to treat the root of the injury and build structural integration of the whole body.

Stuart is currently available for online consultations. If you would like to book an appointment, please text Stuart on

0431 754 244 with your name or email him on

Chloe McKinnon

Chloe joined NAP in October 2018 as a physiotherapy aide while she completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at the University of Newcastle. 

Chloe’s post-graduate qualifications and courses include:

  • Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 1 (APA)

  • The Complete and Advanced Lumbar Spine (APA)

  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy 5 Day Course (WHTA)

  • Level 1 Lymphoedema Therapist (Macquarie University ALERT Education)

Chloe has a special interest in musculoskeletal conditions, lymphoedema and women’s health.


Chloe is currently available for online consultations. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact our office or email her on

Administration Staff

Michelle Brown – Practice Manager

Michelle has been with the Practice right from the start back in 1995 when Charlie had both Merewether Physiotherapy and Shortland Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy. She is our Practice Manager, but also works for herself as a Massage Therapist and occasional teacher at TAFE . 

Michelle enjoys the diverse range of personalities that make up the clientele of Newcastle Aquatic Physiotherapy, however the great working relationship she has with the staff has kept her here for almost the quarter century.

Alison Collins

Ali’s friendly smile is the first thing you notice when you see her on the front desk, and she is always aiming for your experience at our facility to be pleasurable. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in customer service, and many years as a swimming instructor, her ability to help is endless.

Her love of the water has been a big reason she enjoys working at Newcastle Aquatic Physiotherapy, as well as a keen interest in the disability services. Make sure you come and say hi!