Myofasical Release & Functional Movement

This is a small group hour long class which is designed to help you work through your movement dysfunctions and areas of weakness. You will be taught how to identify potential dysfunctions in your posture and movement and how to go about correcting them in a systematic way. Self myofascial release will be used initially as a ‘reset’ for your muscles and fascia to become more adaptable to new postures and corrective movements.


The self-myofascial release will primarily be on the ground and the corrective exercises starting off slow in standing and will become more dynamic as the weeks progress. The corrective exercises will have a strong emphasis on core, breathing and bipedal (opposition) strength. An initial assessment is necessary before attending to assess goals and tailor the class to individuals.


We have two classes per week at the following times:-

     Mondays at 5pm

     Wednesdays at 1pm

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The class will have a different focus area each week and gradually progress, building on the work of the week prior.

Would this class be good for me?


If you are looking for a class that helps you learn more about your body, posture and functional human movement this is for you. If you have an annoying pain that seems to pop up time and time again this class may be for you, under the supervision of a physiotherapist to monitor your progress.