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Newcastle Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Poo

NDIS Information & Pricing

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The NDIS is Australia’s first national Scheme for people with disability. It provides funding directly to individuals. Click here to find out whether you are eligible.

Newcastle Aquatic Physiotherapy is a registered NDIS service provider. We offer a professional team of Physiotherapists dedicated to providing the best rehabilitation in a first class, state of the art facility, both in and out of the hydro pool. Our staff pride themselves on the quality of care and the array of services we provide to the community.  The facility is not a public swimming pool nor appropriate for approved “social activities” as it is designated for rehabilitation and physical therapy as directed and supervised by our physiotherapy staff.  We are not OH&S qualified trainers and therefore do not "train carers" to implement specialised Physiotherapy programs. Our practice does not facilitate independent carer-assisted hydrotherapy. Clients who require assistance with entry or exit of the hydrotherapy pool, assistance with transfer or assistance or supervision in the hydrotherapy pool are required to be with a physiotherapist. Clients who are assessed as being independent in their entry/exit of the hydrotherapy pool and independent mobilising in the hydrotherapy pool may wish to or be required to have a support worker to supervise from the side of the pool for verbal prompting of exercises. 

Clients must be approved for either Physical Wellbeing Activities or Therapeutic Supports.  Our fee schedule and treatment protocol is shown below.


Initial Assessment


All patients who attend this practice will undergo an initial hour-long assessment with one of our Physiotherapists.  During this assessment, the Physio shall take a comprehensive history from the client and prescribe the appropriate therapy program.  This will include:


·                     If the client is suitable for hydrotherapy i.e continence, catheters, health issues  

·                     Whether the client requires an additional physio (extensive disability)

·                     Whether the client is a complex case (1 hour appointment) each visit.

·                     Whether the client requires a carer (or more than one) in addition to the physiotherapist

·                     Short and long term goals for capacity building

·                     Additional home program activities if applicable


N.B.    Newcastle Aquatic Physiotherapy is a private facility for patients requiring specialised therapy programs.  We do not provide assisted care such as showering & dressing.  Any client who requires assisted transfers, assisted showering, dressing and transport MUST ATTEND WITH A CARER in addition to their physiotherapist.


Physiotherapy Consultation Fees


Initial Consultation (1 Hour) $193.99


Standard Consultation ( ½ Hour) $96.99



Hydrotherapy Fees (GST Inclusive): 


Independent Hydrotherapy   $10.00

10 visit pass                          $90.00

20 visit pass                          $180.00

N.B. If you are attending our practice and have been approved for an NDIS plan, we ask that you provide a copy of your NDIS Service Plan (the first page of your plan). Your service plan contains your NDIS number and plan dates so that we can book appointments from funding available in Physical Wellbeing Activities or Therapeutic Supports. Please be aware that often we do not receive notice of your plan meeting date unless you let us know. To ensure that your physiotherapist has enough time to schedule an appointment to review your progress and submit a report for your meeting, please provide 30 days notice of your meeting. If you are unsure of your plan meeting date, please provide us 30 days notice of your NDIS plan due date so that we can organise supports for the next plan.

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