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Back to Basics #2: Hydrotherapy 101

Updated: May 12, 2019

This blog post forms part two of our #BacktoBasics series, exploring some of the mainstay treatments we offer at NAP to help guide you through what you might expect in a consultation with us and what would benefit your condition. Our #hydrotherapy pool has been a pivotal feature of our private practice since our opening in 2008 and with the range of conditions it can benefit it is offered frequently as part of a holistic, tailored treatment session. 

Newcastle Aquatic Physiotherapy Aqua Fitness
NAP offer group and individual aquatic physiotherapy as part of a tailored treatment program.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is simply water based exercise therapy. The difference between a conventional pool and our clinical pool is the heated properties and qualified supervision our practice provides. Our pool is heated between 33-34°C. 

How does hydrotherapy work?

The warm temperature of the water increases blood flow which aids in decreasing joint stiffness, inflammation and reducing muscle spasms. 

Provides resistance to normal bodyweight exercise – keep note the faster you move in the water the more resistance this will generate!

Your body mass is decreased the deeper you venture into our 1.4m hydrotherapy pool. For this reason, hydrotherapy is beneficial to post-surgical patients increasing their weight bearing tolerance, patients with MS, stroke or spinal cord injuries that prevent them from mobilising on land or patients that are a falls risk on land. 

Is hydrotherapy safe?

We are very lucky to see patients from all walks of life, with varying abilities, conditions and mobility using our pool. To screen any potential risks to yourself or our staff, you will be asked to fill out one of our hydrotherapy checklists. In most cases you will be able to enter the pool however this may be in our second session if more time is needed to go through a thorough assessment and practice of pool procedures. We are very lucky to have a range of equipment for transfers and a pool hoist available for patients with disabilities or conditions that limit active mobility.

 We do have one major contraindication to our pool use and that is faecal incontinence. If you have any issues with controlling bowel movements, this can pose a hazard to our staff and other patrons but we will strive to find other land-based therapies at NAP to suit your goals. If you have any trouble with leakage or controlling your bladder this does not prevent you from using the pool. We ask that you use the bathroom prior to pool use and depending on the severity you may require incontinence pants. If you are unsure if either of these apply to you, please ask one of our staff members when you book on (02) 4955 0143.

What can I do in the pool with NAP/by myself?

NAP offer group and individual aquatic physiotherapy as part of a tailored treatment program. Our trained physiotherapists run our aqua exercise classes and water tai chi classes. If you are interested in one of these classes you can find our class timetable here


Have you been to our pool before? What did you like about it and why? Comment below.


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