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NAP: Not a "regular gym"

Do you worry about 'fitting-in' when it comes to exercising at a gym? Maybe you have asked questions like this:

· Will I fit in?

· Will I feel comfortable?

· Will I feel out of place?

· Am I too old, too unfit or too overweight?

· What makes this gym different?

· I'm in pain, what exercise I should do?

· I have a disability. Can I still attend?

· Is this gym just for the really fit or slim people?

Do these questions sound familiar? Feel assured.

What sets our gym apart?

We are not a regular gym with the buff and bare skin bodies.

Our gym and hydrotherapy pool are for all walks of life and all ages from 5 to 97. Everyone is working on getting themselves moving for personal reasons. Whether they have had a stroke; are waiting for or are rehabilitating a total joint replacement; have chronic pain; are suffering with arthritis; find it difficult to walk long distances; had a fall or feel off balance; have anxiety, depression or PTSD; have broken bones and work related injuries; have a disability; find themselves retired and with more time on their hands: the list goes on.

Our facility is inclusive and aims to accommodate the various needs while making for an enjoyable place to achieve your goals.

Exercises are prescribed by a qualified physiotherapist. This means you get an individual assessment with one of our physios, who will take down all your history to identify the best means of exercise for you. The history will cover your physical, mental, medical and social aspects of life as to gain a better understanding of your specific goals.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, browse our Services sections here. We have a range of physios of different ages and interests so have a look through our team to find your right fit here.

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Scott Priestley
Scott Priestley
Sep 09, 2019

Great gym with talented and helpful staff who push me to become the best I can be!!!

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